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Apostolos Doxiadis e Christos H. Papadimitriou: Logicomix - An epic search for the truth

Witt: You are the herr professor Russell? It is the professor Frege who sends me...
Russell: How is professor Frege?
Witt: He is saying no one is better than you to teach me the logic. But we can only known for sure the results of logical operations!
Russell: Surely, we also have access to empirical observations.
Witt: No!
Russell: What about the information given by the senses?
Witt: No! That wich is merely empirical has not place in the discourse of the truth!
Russell: Come now... I'm sure you'll agree to the reality of some empirical facts! Won't you accept as truth. For example, the statement: there is no rhinoceros in this room.
Witt: No, i will not! This is music, Russell! This is Mozart!
Russell: They are saying that, despite our hundreds of pages of symbolic calculations, we've not made the foundations any less shaky.
Witt: They are such bloody fools!
Russell: The gist of it is the premises of the theory of types don't go down well just if i'd feared!
Witt: But don't they understand the significance of types? They are our safeguard against paradox. They are essencial to logic itself! Types must be salvaged at all costs!

[Depois deste livro, ler ou reler Russel e Wittgenstein nunca mais voltará a ser a mesma coisa. ]

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