quarta-feira, novembro 28, 2007

Migala - The guilt

If I could for a minute,
succumb to the disaster of everyday,
to let me go, let of cling to...
I guess it would be possible
to crash with one of the strangers
that I cross by the street
and have a premonition of happiness.
But now,
it's sure that I can't,
and probably that's why one ghost comes every night
to rock my stupid guilt,
and why its way's a ring of fire.
And when I finally sleep it's always the same dream,
sand falling fast in a glass bell.
The sand very clean,
the glass so weak.


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  1. sobre my littel fun house num post metido por ti

    olá não sei quem és, mas procurava por curiosidade algo sobre my little fun house e apareceu-me este texto teu. sim tenho esse album que referes, posso enviar-te via mail ou via msn, no problem, também a mim me faz regressar no tempo
    podes escrever se quiseres n_g_saavedra@yahoo.com