sábado, setembro 24, 2011


This used to be my playground, this used to be my childhood dream, this used to be the place i ran to whenever i was in need of a friend, why did it have to end and why do they always say. Don't look back, keep your head held high. Don't ask them why, because life is short and before you know, you're feeling old and your heart is breaking. Don't hold on to the past, well that's too much to ask. Live and learn, well the years they flew and we never knew, we were foolish then we would never tire and that little fire is still alive in me it will never go away, can't say goodbye to yesterday. No regrets, but I wish that you were here with me. Well then there's hope yet, i can see your face in our secret place, you're not just a memory, say goodbye to yesterday [the dream], those are words i'll never say.

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