quarta-feira, abril 14, 2010

STUPID IS THE RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF A REGRET-FREE LIFE. The world is full of smart people. Ask around. There are all kinds of people doing all kinds of smart things with other smart people, each one smarter than the last. That is smart. WE'RE WITH STUPIDS. Smarts may have the brains, stupids has the balls. SMARTS MAY HAVE THE PLANS, BUT STUPIDS HAS THE STORIES. Smarts may have the autority, but stupid has once hell of a hangover. To be stupid is to be brave. When you risk something, that’s stupid. It’s not smart to take risks. It’s stupid. Stupid stands alone. Smart hides within the safety of huddled masses. The stupid aren’t afraid to fail. Why? Because they're stupid. Smart critiques, stupid creates. If you want to do something that’s never been done before, don’t go to the guy with the spreadsheet and the blueprints — go to the guy with the imagination and the weed. You can't out smart stupid. THE STUPID ARE THE ONLY ONES BRAVE ENOUGH TO DO WHAT NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD DO. THE STUPID, YOU SEE, KNOW THERE ARE WORSE THINGS THAN FAILURE — LIKE NOT EVEN TRYING. BUT TRY THEY DO,TALLYING UP THE IMPOSSIBLE ODDS AND GOING AHEAD AND DOING IT ANYWAY. STUPID IS THAT SOMETHING GREATER. Stupid is that uncertain thing that might go wrong still. Stupid is STORMING the Bastille and throwing open the jail cell doors. Stupid is the idea of networking every computer, everywhere. Stupid is hopping the night train to Prague with 17 Euros in your pocket. Stupid is actually going up and talking to that girl at the end of the bar rather than just talking to your buddy about how you should go talk to that girl at the end of the bar. Stupid is singing songs about Mordor. Stupid is jumping the Snake River Canyon on your glorifi ed crotch rocket. Stupid is deciding to drop out of university so that you better build shit in your parent’s garage. Stupid is still pursuing the electric car dream some 118 years later after it began. Stupid was the fi rst notion that maybe you didn’t have to paint things how they looked, but how they made you feel. Stupid was the idea of building a transcontinental railroad where no people, let alone towns, even existed. Stupid is wreaking havoc with your typeface to the point of illegibility. Stupid is the first guy who realized you could extract and synthesize the humble coca leaf in to a fine, white snortable powder. Stupid is concerning yourself with defending the innocent presumed guilty. Stupid was the very first realization of the bikini. Stupid was thinking beyond the position missionary. Stupid is setting boot to moon dust. Stupid is accepting the last-minute invitation out even though you could really use the sleep.

STUPID IS WHISTLING WHILE YOU WORK. Doing is deceptively simple: BEING STUPID MEANS LISTENING TO YOUR HEART VERSUS LISTENING TO YOUR HEAD. LISTENING TO YOUR HEART IS HARD. YOUR HEART SAYS ‘YES’ AND YOUR HEAD SAYS ‘NO.’ YOUR HEAD ALMOST ALWAYS SAYS ‘NO.’ Say ‘no’ and you stay in your climate-controlled, hermetically-sealed comfort zone full of hundreds of channels, none of them showing a damn thing good. Say ‘yes’ and you might have to actually get out there and do something. Only by ignoring the chorus of ‘don’t’s, ‘can’t’s and ‘won’t’s can you come up with something wholly and completely unique. Sometimes that’s just a wholly and completely unique way to fail, but at least it’s something. Getting your ass kicked by the tag team of trial and error? Now this way goodness lies. Happy Accidents. Unintentional Consequences. Penicillin. Put another way, if you succeed right out of the gate, you probably weren’t trying hard enough. If at first you don’t fail — try, try, try again. BECAUSE THE FACT IS, IF WE DIDN’T HAVE STUPID THOUGHTS WE’D HAVE NO INTERESTING THOUGHTS AT ALL. But don’t get us wrong: STUPID AIN’T DUMB.

We’re asking you to turn against all your pre-programmed, screaming DNA directs you to be. We get it. People have fear. People have fear for a reason. After all, being stupid isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Not only is failure an option, it’s pretty much a given. Sucks for you. The trick is just not fearing it. Or fearing it, but not letting on that you’re absolutely, positively terrified. Like the way you do with scorpions and handles on public toilets. But sometimes the reason for that fear doesn’t always make sense – not when the reward is so great and the risk is so (relatively) small. Sure, you might get hurt. But you might not. Or you might get hurt and getting hurt might be the best thing that ever happened to you. Getting hurt just might be the thing that makes you gnash your teeth and gird your loins and do the heretofore undoable — fighting back against That Wretched Unknown. Only then will you discover that That Wretched Unknown often cowers like a pussy.

The next time you desire to act but there is that automatic, omnipresent and looming voice of self-doubt booming forth telling you, DO. “DON’T BE STUPID,” GET HURT. Enjoy a good fail now and again. Accept that there is no such thing as an original idea and then go inadvertently stumble upon some. BE STUPID!

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