sábado, abril 03, 2010


Esta rapariga anda zangada com o mundo. E, pelos vistos, sem dinheiro. Pôs-se a cantar para espantar os males. A música, Stuck, é de fugir. Mas a letra é de ficar. Um bocadinho, vá. E que não fosse! Lindsay Lohan, como se sabe, neste blogue, pode tudo. We love her!
I wasn't looking but I found you,
I wasn't ready but you got me anyway,
I wasn't looking but I had to
And now it seems like I can't never look away
I'm going down down down
I'm not myself when you are around
Not matter what I do
It's too fast, too slow
This won't last but I should go
But I can't help it
I can't, I am stuck stuck stuck
I can try to run but I am out of luck,
It doesn't matter where I go, I feel stuck,
Sticky fingers, sticky hands, sticky…
I'm stuck stuck stuck
And I ain't going I'm stuck
I didn't listen but I heard you
I wasn't there and yet you swept me off my feet
And there is no one I can turn to
Yeah, I can run but you have got me on the peak,
I'm not okay,
Once again my heart got in the way,
Not matter what I do
It's too wrong, too right
Try to reason, tried to fight
But I can't help it
I can't, I'm stuck stuck stuck!!!

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