segunda-feira, setembro 20, 2010

Kierkegaard: The seducer's diary

How beautiful to be in love, how interesting to know one is in love! See, that's the difference! The thought of her disappearing a second time can be irritating but in a sense it pleases me. The picture i now have of her wavers indeterminately between being her actual and her ideal image. I am now evoking it, but precisely because either it is real or it has at least its source in reality, it has its own fascination. I feel no impatience, since the must belong here in town, and for me that is enough for the moment. It is the possibility that makes her image properly appear - everything shoud be savoured in slow draughts. And should i not indeed be relaxed, i who consider myself my darling of the gods, to whom befell to rare good fortune to fall in love again? That, after all, is something no art, no study, can produce; it is a gift. But since i have succeded in stirring up a love once more, i want at least to see how long it can kept going. This love i coddle as i never did my first. Such an opportunity is not given every day, it seems, so it is truly a matter of making the most of it. That's what drives one to despair. Seducing a girl is no art, but it needs a stroke of good fortune to find one worth seducing. Love has many mysteries, and this first infatuation is also a mystery, even if a minor one - most people who rush into it get engaged or indulge in other foolish pranks, and then it's all over in the twinkling of an eye and they don't know what they have conquered or what they have lost. Twice now she has appeared before me and vanished; that means that soon she will appear more frequently. After he has interpreted Pharaoh's dream, Joseph adds: «The fact that you dreamt this twice, means that it will soon come to pass.»

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