domingo, dezembro 21, 2008

Paulo Nozolino: "Bone lonely"

[Gostava muito de publicar aqui uma imagem da exposição "bone lonely", mas não a consigo copiar...]

De cada vez que Paulo Nozolino surge com uma exposição em Portugal - coisa rara - é um acontecimento. Feliz. "Bone lonely" inaugura na Galeria Quadrado Azul, em Lisboa, a 9 de Janeiro de 2009 (fica até dia 21 de Fevereiro).

"A man stands in the middle of destruction, feeling lonely to an unbelievable point, bone lonely. He makes deaf images during his blind walks. Dwelling with thoughts about the loss in all conflicts, the feeling that all systems fail and the certainty that nothing lasts forever. He wonders what light shines in loneliness, what sounds come out of a moving body, what can fill the absence. He has no answers. He sees silent panic, he hears reports on people, he smells themould, he feels the flesh aging and he tastes the dry saliva in his mouth. There seems to be no escape. He has a word pounding inside his head: resist, resist… bone lonely."

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